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Virtual, Hybrid, In Person...Yoga

I bet when you read the title to this blog, if you are a parent or a teacher the first thought may have been about school. But these choices are options for more than just school. They can be for lots of things, like work, yoga, and gym classes just to name a few. Over the last several months, so much has changed. Life cannot be lived in the same way as it could this time last year. For one, masks are a normal accessory, and something you have to think about when leaving your house with your keys and cellphone. The yoga and fitness world has greatly shifted. In the beginning I was hesitant in teaching virtually, and wasn't sure it was possible to get the full yoga experience through a computer screen. But the time came in early spring that if I wanted to continue teaching, I had to adapt, adjust and offer what was available. Teaching and practicing yoga virtually presented challenges and obstacles to work through. But I've made it work the best I could. Its been seven months, constantly evolving, there have been permanent closures, and the places that have opened have guidelines to follow. I have come to have an appreciation for both virtual and in person, so my choice with what is available would be hybrid. Last night I had my first "normal" in studio hot yoga experience since February. The second I stepped into the heated room my body felt at ease. I had missed my hot yoga, and didn't realize how much until that moment. But it was more than just the heat that made it feel normal. People were walking around without masks, and you could see smiling faces. Some were greeting each other with hugs. And the first piece of yoga that was lost when covid hit, the physical assists, were present with permission. I left with a sense of ease that I hadn't had in months. But I understand that for some people in person is not a safe option. I think with a teacher you connect to, virtual yoga can be pretty amazing. For me, with the right teacher I can put my headphones on, and just listen to the cues and move my body. I also love that I don't have to drive anywhere, because sometimes the timing doesn't work out to commute. As places are opening back up, some with more guidelines than others, I have come to love the hybrid of virtual and in person. I love being able to practice with teachers in another state, to be able to walk into the next room jump into a class and just move. I also love the energy of being in a room of others moving, and breathing together,

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