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Betty White Sourdough Starter

About a year and a half or so ago I was given a baby, a sourdough baby. And anyone who has ever had a sourdough starter, knows its customary to name your baby. We named ours Betty White, since it was shortly after Betty White had passed away. In the last year, our Betty has had five babies. Now, I by no means am an expert, and honestly not very good at time consuming baking. So I prefer the easy discard recipes, and have made things from pancakes, muffins, bagels, sandwich bread, pizza crust and more. In passing on Betty's babies, I felt like I should provide some instructions and links that I follow for taking care of Betty. Because caring for Betty has been helped by others sharing their sourdough stories, I am paying it forward with sharing all the recipes and tips credited from someone else.

In the event you do not have a starter, and are local to me, shoot me a message. I would love to pass on a Betty Baby. If not, do not worry, you can create a starter from scratch (or order a kit). Here are a couple links to starting a starter:

SO... here it is, my instructions, and go to links I use.

Feeding Instructions:

*Use a kitchen scale for exact measurements*

If the starter is kept in the fridge, feed once a week. I write the day down on white board (i.e. Betty eats on Tuesdays)

If you want to bake more often, keep on the counter and feed daily.

I have 2 of the same 32 oz wide mouth mason jars I use to feed. Always feed in a clean jar.

On feeding day take out of the fridge for a little while (an hour, ish). Stir thoroughly.

Tare the empty jar on scale

Weigh: 150 g of Starter + 150 g Water + 150 g Flour into clean jar

Stir until combined

Loosely place lid on jar, unsealed until you see rise and bubbles

Screw lid back on and place in fridge

If you are not going to bake anything on a feeding day, you can weigh

1 cup (227 g) discard and freeze. I like using silicone muffin cups for baking and freezing.

Sourdough Discard Recipes:

(Some of these recipes below⬇️ are from this first site ⬆️, there are 70+ recipes)


Sandwich Bread:

Artisan Bread:

English Muffins:

Pizza Crust:


(I substitute non-dairy milk and use olive or Avocado oil instead of canola)

Lemon Muffins:

Amazon Links:

Silicone Cupcake Muffin Baking Cups

Mason Jar Lids:

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