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Have you tried essential oils to alleviate your symptoms?

Instead of reaching for that allergy pill, did you know that three magic oils can help alleviate your symptoms?  Lemon, lavender, peppermint.  Lemon is cleansing and helps to clear the sinuses, and reduces congestion.  Lavender is calming to the mind and the body helping to reduce inflammation and soothes the nasal passages.  Peppermint opens up the airways helps promote clear breathing.  There are a few different ways this blend can help, but my favorite is a DIY roller bottle.  You can purchase roller bottles and carrier oil on amazon.  Add 3 to 5 drops of each oil in a 10mL roller bottle, and top with a carrier oil.  I like to use fractionated coconut oil when making roller bottles.  Use this roller at the first onset of seasonal allergies.  Roll over the bridge of your nose, above your eye brows, temples, and behind the ears.  Be careful with peppermint near the eyes, I suggest rolling on your finger and run your finger over those areas instead of the roller.  Also lemon is photosensitive, so please avoid direct contact with the sun after 12 hours of applying blend.  Diffusing this blend in your house is also a great way to soak in all the benefits of this blend.  Add 3 to 5 drops of each in your diffuser with water.

Image by Taylor Heery


Power in Plants

Essential oils are little bottles of plant goodness.  They can be diffused aromatically, used topically, and dietary consumption.  These bottles of wellness can help heal your body, calm your mind, safely clean your house, and so much more.  Learn about the many different ways to use essential oils in your daily life.  Here I will share my favorite recipes for the diffuser, as well as DIY projects.


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