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Missing teaching and new beginnings

The last several years have been a whirlwind of time. At a drop of a hat, everything changed. Some shifted, while others struggled. I was one that shifted. I kept moving forward, until things changed again. About Thanksgiving time last year, I burnt out, and needed a break. After the new year a teaching opportunity presented itself, and even though I was unsure, I jumped on it. I should have trusted my uncertainty. What seemed like a perfect fit, was anything but, and abruptly ended. Leaving me untrusting, and unsure how to move forward. Over the last couple months I have felt ready to try again, but unsure which was the right path for me. In time reflecting, I realized I was forcing teaching to come again, instead of letting something come to me. Not much time went by of me trusting myself, and reminding myself to be patient before inspiration struck.

Beginning next month, I will be starting two new offerings. I reconnected with an old friend to offer yoga at his bar on Sunday mornings starting this fall. The second one felt a bit trickier, and yet really so simple. I am apart of a tribe of beautiful, gifted women called Blue Moon Wolf Designs. If you have never heard of them, click on the link at the top. I wanted to teach yoga in that space, but unsure of how to create an offering that felt authentic to me, and fit with the tribe. I am still working on the details of when and exactly what it will look like, but a private yoga offering including breath work, movement, restorative yoga and topped off with Reiki. Yoga felt like such an integral part of me, finding my voice, and learning about myself. The days of teaching 10 classes a week are not in the cards for me, at least not until I open my own studio, (maybe some day). But I had been craving that piece to return in some way, and am excited to see where these take me.

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