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Its okay to take a break

As a society I think we are ingrained with the thought that taking a break is a sign of weakness. Even in our yoga practice taking a childs pose is seen as if we are weak and less practiced. The reality is knowing it's time for a break, and then honoring that need actually displays a more advanced practice and a deeper connection to self.

I am unable to pinpoint exactly when I started feeling like it was time for a break, but the need was there in the background. At first I cast it aside as a rut that I would work my way through, As time went on that whisper got louder, and it became apparent that a break was necessary. Other than when everything closed down due to covid, and time off was forced, I have taught yoga for over seven years. I have worked my way out of ruts and lack of inspiration. The lows were always temporary and I would bounce back to being excited about my purpose in guiding others through their yoga experience.

I love teaching yoga, I know it is a piece of my purpose throughout this lifetime. So I know I will return back to my calling. I am working on listening to my inner guidance more, and pay attention to the cues from within. Right now I am being guided to take a break in order to refocus, recharge, and reconnect to my own being. I will continue my other creative expressions, but also lean into trusting myself, learning and growing in order to return with a more focused direction.

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