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Imagine in any given moment you are limitless. That limits are only perceived, and your imagination creates your world. Life is moment after moment, and breath after breath. I am not saying life has no limitations, because we don't see people flying around like super heroes. What I mean is that at any given moment we can choose to create our path. We can expand our thoughts, to reach further. Our mind has great power, and I think we often forget that. This week I have been reminding my students that their yoga practice is limitless. There are physical restrictions we place on ourselves that are only perceptions. If you let your imagination steer the way, to create a journey of your choosing, your reach ripples into the world for you to shine your light in a way that only you can.

When we were kids some of us had imaginary friends, played pretend, or made up games. We were creative! But as life happens and we grow up, our imaginations shift away from the magical and into the practical. Invite the magic back. The belief that anything is possible. You are only bound by your imagination.

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