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We are all beginners

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Some people can start something new, and have a natural talent, whereas others have to work a little harder. Whether it be a playing a sport, creating art, playing an instrument, writing, yoga, exercising, cooking, or any other activity. We all had to learn to walk once upon a time, and we all have to start somewhere when we try something new. The beautiful thing about new beginnings is the opportunities and possibilities of what it could be, the amount of things to learn, the failures, successes, and growth. All is part of the process, and all should be acknowledged. What if we treated those tasks, that were once new, as new again. Allow yourself to live from a fresh perspective of curiosity.

The last year has shifted my yoga practice. I spent a month unable to physically practice due to an injury from overdoing it. I was forced to dig deep into the spiritual practice. This was an opportunity to learn more about myself, my body, and to remember to listen. Not only to my physical body, but to my inner truth. Why I make the decisions I do on and off the mat. And when I returned to my mat, my perspective had changed. I moved in a way of honoring each time I step on my mat with curiosity, a place of listening to my body and mind, and to what that had to teach me, My practice doesn't have to be all power and go. Some days my practice is moving a little slower. Doing a little less. Listening a lot more. Or some days doing nothing at all.

We get so caught up in our routines, and what we know. Losing the perspective of where our journey has taken us, moving on auto pilot, and missing the opportunity of learning what each time we show up in whatever we do, what it has to teach us.

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