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Life is full of transitions. Each time we breathe in and fill ourselves with breath, an exhale follows to empty out. But what about that pause where you are either full or empty of breath, what happens there? Quite often we only focus on the start and the finish, and what about the space in between? Always so eager for the next thing to come, or dwelling on where we once were, forgetting about the present. Living in the present asks us to be in the moment, and in all the spaces in between. Whether its a physical space of transition, emotional, or energetic; it's an opportunity to invite presence and mindfulness into our lives. When we step onto our yoga mats, we get to explore those spaces in between. What happens if we pay a little more attention in our practice to how we get from here to there instead of just getting there? It is possible we would find a world of opportunity, of moments missed, or that just got passed over to get to where we are going. The same goes in our lives. When we drive to a place we have gone countless times before we tend to move on autopilot, not pay attention to our surroundings, and could be missing the beauty in right now. Seasons shift, jobs change, friendships come and go. Transition is as much a part of our lives as the air we breathe. I ask you to invite more presence in the moments in between.

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