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The Power of Thank You

This is the time of year where we openly talk about gratitude, when the reality is we should express and show our gratitude all year round. Thanksgiving just brings the idea to the forefront. Having a daily gratitude practice has many benefits. In times like these, it is easy to slip down the slope of negativity. But that doesn't get you anywhere other than depressed and sad. I know it is hard to focus on the good, when it feels like the bad is so overwhelming, but that is what makes it even more important. Spending just a minute a day, or finding one thing to be grateful for is a simple task that can shift your mindset. There are tons of different avenues you can take. From apps for your phone that will remind you to enter in what you are grateful for that day. To special gratitude journals, that can be simple or more complex with prompts to force you to dig deep into yourself. Or even a simple notebook, just to keep by your bedside for when you wake up and/or before bed are wonderful times to jot down something about your day you are grateful for.

How often do we show appreciation to ourselves? On a daily basis as humans we are tasked with so much, and most of the time we don't acknowledge that, and may not be told by anyone else. Today, right now as you read this, say, "Thank you" to yourself. and pause to soak in how that makes you feel. Two very simple words, but when we don't get thanked or appreciated, we feel the sting.

So take time today, start with thanking yourself (and really mean it), and create a gratitude practice for yourself. Share those two words out and let your appreciation and kindness spread.

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