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Spring Cleaning

This year I felt like I was able to really enjoy winter. Mother Nature put on many shows of snow beauty that were peaceful and mesmerizing. My body was able to adjust to the cold easier this year taking daily morning walks, some days bundling up more than others, appreciating the beauty that the stillness of winter brought. But like most, when winter was over, I was ready for spring. The longer days with lots of sunshine, the world blooming, turning green, and warmer weather which means more time outside. Shifting out of winter into spring can leave some heaviness that we carry with us. Sometimes that weight comes from our surroundings with the amount of stuff we accumulate through winter, Piles of clutter lying around on tables, in drawers, or in closets. We may not realize, but that clutter affects our moods. Think about it, when you weed out old clothes or toys to donate, or when you throw away a stack of catalogs or mail, don't you feel a bit lighter? A bit clearer. When our world around us is more tidy, our minds follow suit. Our bodies like to hold onto the old as well. The hips are often referred to as the emotional junk drawer. One of yogas many benefits is its ability to create space within the body. We find length as we breath in, so we can let go as we breathe out creating space. Step on your mat, move your body, and observe how much lighter and more peaceful you feel after. Join me in spring cleaning, not only your physical space, but letting go in the body to make space for new opportunities and growth,

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