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Lessons we learn from Animals

Almost every morning, I walk in the park. I started adding this into my morning routine very early on in quarantine with the added amount of stillness that was being put upon us, I knew I needed to start my day with some movement. And most days at the park I see lots of people with their dogs. Some will say hi, some will not. There is a woman named Andy who a few months ago had gotten a springer spaniel puppy named Emma. She is the cutest thing, full of energy, and sweet as can be. Within one lap around the park, about half a mile, I may pass Andy and Emma three times(I tend to walk quickly), and each time I am greeted by Emma as if it were the first time, and it had been days since I had seen her. I share this because it amazes me how excited one puppy gets to see me no matter how much she sees me. And also, how that makes me feel. It is impossible to not smile, and bask in the joy of someone being so happy to see me. I experience something similar from my dog Dasher when I come home, whether it is five minutes, or five hours he is so incredibly happy to see me. And it got me thinking. For one, if everyone in the world first thing in the morning were to be greeted by a puppy with that excitement every day, how much happier the world would be. And secondly, what if we greeted even just one person we come in a lot of contact with that same energy, how good that would make them feel. My other dog Falon, is quite the opposite as Dasher. She is very calm, with her own sweetness, and a simple bliss for life. Without knowing for sure, we believe she was a bait dog in dog fights, fed very minimally, kept in a crate, and probably hit with something. It has been over five and a half years since we got Falon, and she still to this day is coming out of her shell, getting sweeter and more playful beyond anything I thought was possible. I call her 'Furry Love'. I love to just watch Falon sit and be. She embodies gratitude. I think she has an understanding of what life used to be, and has such appreciation for life now. She is content to sit outside, and just be outside.

This is just the example of three dogs, what if we paid more attention to our pets, and nature to see what lessons they have to teach us.

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