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How Much Do We Listen

When you read the title, you probably assumed that I was speaking of listening to other people. But the question really is, how often do we listen to ourselves. Between our thoughts, our bodies, our intuition, we know within what is best. But the question is, do we listen? From the moment we get up, to the time we go to sleep, we have an inner dialogue within our own heads. This voice may be "helping" decide what's for dinner, or going over the things you need to do that day. Sometimes this voice is our worst critic, or could be our biggest cheerleader. I created the I Am challenge this month to use this as a reminder to fill your mind with positivity. When we are positive within our own lives, and thoughts we radiate that positivity into the world.

Next, how much do you listen to your body. Do you ignore the whispers that you body may be telling you. These whispers could be letting us know we could do more, or work harder. But it could also be a gentle reminder to rest, or take it easy. And if rest is what your body is asking for, kindly and gently, do you listen? Or do you push through until your body yells, and not so gently puts you in timeout, keeping you from hurting it more.

There are some of us that don't believe you are intuitive. And yes there are some that are more so than others. But we all encompass the inner knowing. It can be a feeling that we may not know why, but something is guiding us . It could be signs you may see around you. Or an almost magnetic pull. How often are you paying attention, noticing if you are being guided.

So I ask, how much do we follow our own guidance, our true north?

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