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Be Who You Are

It has taken me forty years to get where I am right now. More than ever before I embrace being me. And it took me a long time to fully feel that. I wouldn't have called myself a people pleaser, but it was more thoughts of being judged, excluded, and feeling different. Today I strive to live my life for my own happiness and as an example for my son, to shine my light that is within. Don't dim it for anyone. It took a conversation with an old friend about the appropriateness of wearing tie dye everywhere. And from an outsider the conversation should have ended shortly after it began, but it was more about a revelation in saying the words "out loud". I am comfortable with who I am. I do not care what others think. And I am unafraid to express me wherever I go. Wow! Just wow was the feeling. Like holy shit, I embrace Michelle!

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