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Adventures of Tazz

If you have been following me on social media, you would know a few weeks ago I came to find out I had four kittens living under my porch. For a few days in the morning and evening I would put food out, and they would come out, eat and play. Austin wanted to keep them all, and as cute as they are four kittens is easy to say no to, just not realistic. There were two grey tabby twins, which Austin named Ruffnut and Tuffnut (How To Train Your Dragon), a long hair tabby we called Mouse because it was so skittish, and Tazz which was a long hair grey puffball that looked so similarly to my older cat Razz (short for Razzmatazz). One night I put food out and for the first time all four came out to eat at the same time, cuter than you can imagine! I figured the next morning I would feed them and try to catch them all to get them to a rescue. Momma cat had other ideas. I think she had been watching me, and decided it was time to move the kittens. That morning I brought food out, meowed a few times which would typically call all four out, and only one came, Tazz. The one that already tugged on my heart a little extra because he looked so similar to Razz. We brought him inside, and he has been living in my sun room. Austin and I fell in love! Four was easy to say no to. But one, he was here to stay. Over the past few weeks we have watched Tazz go from monster kitten walk, and if you have ever had kittens you know what I am talking about, to this fearless fast little ball of fur. Tazz hasn't met Razz yet because Tazz needs his shots, and that will be an adventure all in itself. But he has met the dogs. Dasher, who is a fifty pound hound mix is afraid of Tazz, and all this kitten wants to do is run after him and play! Falon, a sixty pound husky shepherd, is curious but still unsure what this ferocious creature that swats, climbs and chases her is. But she does enjoy stealing his food! Having a baby animal is such a gift to watch and witness them moving through life and figuring things out. I will update back on progress with the dogs and when Razz and Tazz meet, stay tuned.

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